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Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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The most well known PDF converter comes from the originator of the format itself, Adobe Systems. When PDF files were first introduced, there was no free Acrobat Reader application. In order to read a PDF file, you had to own the entire Adobe Acrobat software package, which was expensive, especially if you had no use for it other than reading PDF documents. As the format became more popular, Adobe soon realized the benefit of offering PDF viewer applications. Quick access to PDF files helped spread the format's popularity.

Although PDF files can be created with standard Windows programs using plug-ins and converters, Acrobat is one of the only programs that enables comprehensive editing and authoring of PDF files. Outside of Adobe Acrobat, PDF files are difficult to edit or alter in any way, which means they retain the same appearance and layout across computers, platforms, and programs. This makes PDF files far less susceptible to alteration, intentional or otherwise, when distributed electronically. However, while PDF documents are difficult to edit, a number of third-party applications allow you to author new PDF files by compiling data extracted from other file formats.

PDF Creator Programs

PDF documents are the best way to efficiently and securely archive, organize, and distribute electronic files. While the applications used to create other file formats are suited for accessing one kind of file, PDF enables universal accessibility across platforms and models. The only thing you need to open and view a PDF file is a PDF viewer programs, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. The small, widely distributed application is provided by Adobe Systems as freeware, allowing everyone to access PDF content. If you want to ensure that your electronic documents reach the widest audience, you should be certain to convert them to PDF.

In addition to converting an existing document to PDF format, you can also create new PDF documents using data from various other formats. Stand-alone PDF conversion software, along with some print-to-PDF plug-ins, allow you to compose new PDF documents by assembling selected data from other files. If you want to create a PDF file, you can compose its various components individually in their associated programs. For instance, if you're making a PDF sales report, you can write the text in MS Word, create graphs in Excel, and import images from an image editing program. You can then use conversion software or a print-to-PDF utility to convert each format to PDF within the same document.

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