Pdf File Conversion

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Some of the simplest methods of PDF file conversion are also the most useful. If your goal is to convert standard documents to PDF so that they can be opened (but not edited) with a variety of applications, platforms and operating systems, your needs can be met by a small freeware program.

PDF conversion software packages can automatically integrate themselves with your document-related applications, from where they can be accessed. After downloading such a program from the Internet, you'll be able to access it through the "File" menu on most document processing programs, such as MS Word, Excel, and Internet Explorer. These programs will create a virtual printer, which can be chosen in the print dialog after choosing to print the document. If you select your conversion program instead of your printer, the document will print to a file, stored in a predetermined folder. The completed file will be a PDF format replica of the file.

Benefits of PDF File Conversion

PDF files have an advantage over many other document formats, as their appearance remains the same, despite how they are viewed. Other file types, such as HTML and MS Word, can be affected and changed by the manner in which they're viewed. HTML can be especially inconsistent, as the layouts can move, fonts resize and shift, and images or buttons disappear according to how the file is viewed in the browser, and how the user manipulates the browser itself. A browser window might be condensed, which can prompt the entire content of a an HTML file to be redistributed throughout the page. PDF locks all elements of a document into place, preventing any editing or adjustments.

As a PDF file, the document can be viewed, navigated, and bookmarked, but not edited. This allows you to forward documents created in other programs, or post them online without worrying about any accidental or intentional alterations that might occur. The PDF format can be accessed by anyone with a free Adobe Acrobat viewer, whether on a MAC or a PC, and with any kind of operating system, whether Windows, Linux, or anything else. This allows the PDF to be universally accessible, while ensuring that the content remains intact.

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