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Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Although Adobe Acrobat is considered the "official" PDF authoring program, there are a variety of smaller applications, plug-ins, and add-ons that you can use to create, edit, and compile PDF content. Whether you plan on making a PDF file from scratch, or simply creating a cross-platform version of an existing electronic document with limited compatibility, you should be able to find PDF creation utilities to meet your needs.

Several of the most popular PDF creation methods are intended for users hoping to create PDF content from existing files, such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, HTML pages, and more. Print-to-PDF utilities usually entail a virtual print driver, which automatically inserts an extra selection in your printing options before you print a file. When your print options open, you will be able to choose whether to send the file to your actual printer in order to create a hard copy, or to send it your hard drive as a PDF file.

Choosing a PDF Maker

A virtual PDF printer scans the image of your file, then proceeds to compile the data into a PDF file. The utility "prints" the document to your hard disk by transferring a visual image of the file to PDF. Because Portable Document Format files are universally accessible, the converter must embed all of the document's components into the single file. For example, a Microsoft Word document might contain a number of variables, such as font, alignment, layout, and tabs. While these specifications are visible in the open Word document, they are actually maintained by the computer. This means that the document must tell the computer how to display it, and the computer then does so to as close a degree as is possible, depending on what word processing programs and fonts are installed.

PDF documents are recognized universally, and feature cross-platform accessibility. This means that their appearance does not need to be maintained by other programs. When a PDF is created, its font is embedded in the file, allowing it to be viewed by recipients who don't have the font installed. The appearance and position of inserted images, captions, layouts, and more are also embedded in a PDF file. This secures the data, as the document appears identical to every viewer.

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