Pdf Print Driver

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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PDF print drivers enable you to create PDF files easily from within your existing applications. Although "print to PDF" conversion may lack some features necessary when converting between some types of files, it is often a fast, simple, and reliable way to create quality PDF documents without requiring any additional applications.

The driver installs a virtual printer on your system, which then shows up as a "select printer" option when you open your print dialog from almost any Windows application. When you select the PDF print driver, as opposed to your printer, the document in question is recorded to your hard drive as a PDF file, which you can then access with any PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

PDF Print Driver Conversion

There are numerous advantages to this type of file conversion, when compared to more complicated processes. "Print to PDF" conversion is fast, simple, and highly flexible--it can be applied to any file that can be printed from a windows application. However, certain types of files, such as MS Word documents, text files, and Excel spreadsheets are more compatible with this method than others. While HTML documents can also be converted in this fashion, they can be subject to resizing, realignment, and other alterations during the process.

One of the most beneficial features of many PDF print drivers is the ability to compile PDF documents from a variety of sources, regardless of their format. This can be done by printing documents from within several applications to the same PDF file. For example, if you're drafting a PDF file to be used for a specific presentation, you might have an introduction and outline written in MS Word format, graphs and other visual aids open in an image editor, inventory information written in Excel. By printing each one of these documents to the same PDF file, in the order you intend them to appear, you can merge them into a single, universally accessible file.

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