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Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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As businesses increasingly rely on PDF files for data archival and distribution, concerns about the security of sensitive information are beginning to emerge. Though most organizations are still far from maintaining the "paperless office" that PDF files were supposed to enable, many are now starting to create digital backup copies of nearly all documents. This can include anything from invoices, queries, spreadsheets, projections, staff information, and more. With so much data being recorded to electronic files, it's likely that some of those files can contain private information.

The protection of digital data is a prime concern for businesses. This is especially true in a time when near-daily reports of new web-based data theft tools, such as trojan horse files and backdoor programs, underscore the necessity of reliable information security measures. PDF files are capable of providing dependable safeguards against hackers, and any other unauthorized parties who attempt to access restricted data.

Secure PDF Solution

PDF files are compatible with the RC4 algorithm, which is a powerful method for controlling how documents can be accessed and viewed. In a business network environment, this is maintained by the server, using a 128-bit key length to provide powerful encryption on all PDF documents. As a result, files can be distributed via the network, or even the Internet, without standing at risk.

The level of control afforded by RC4 encryption allows PDF documents to carry highly specific access requirements. When you use secure PDF files, you can set the degree of access for each document individually. You can configure the encryption to make the PDF file only accessible to particular parties, and can even limit their access by allowing the document to be readable only on a specific computer. In addition, you can determine how long authorized parties are permitted to access the document, as well as if they are allowed to email the data to anyone, and if so, to whom, and for how long. Secure PDF files can even be encrypted so as to allow only electronic viewing, by preventing them from being able to print to a hard copy.

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