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Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Microsoft's PowerPoint is an application that allows you to author detailed multimedia presentations, incorporating text, audio, images, video, and links. However, no matter how impressive a PowerPoint presentation may be, its exposure is still limited by the fact that it can only be accessed by particular platforms. The cross-platform compatibility of PDF files allows them to be accessed on any computer, regardless of the operating system.

Unlike many other MS Office documents that are frequently converted to PDF, there are several significant differences in appearance between PowerPoint and PDF files. MS Word files, as well as Excel spreadsheets and HTML files, are all basically an assemblage of text and images. Although their appearance may vary greatly from a PDF file when appearing in their associated application, their final image as a printed hard copy is identical its PDF counterpart. In fact, one of the prime benefits of the Portable Document Format is that it can create electronic replicas of hard copy documents, resulting in documents that can be electronically distributed, archived, and searched, yet retain the visual integrity and consistency of their paper-and-ink counterparts.

PowerPoint Converter for PDF

PowerPoint files are often detailed presentations. They can be run as "slideshows," where the document progresses from one page to the next (either automatically or manually), transitioning between text, photographs, charts, and even video and web content. They can also feature sound data, from audio narration to background music. While it may seem impossible to translate this type of multimedia content into the ebook-like documents of PDF, new conversion programs can now provide the means to easily convert from PowerPoint to PDF.

Although other Windows documents can usually be converted to PDF with a simple, automated freeware utility, such as Adobe Acrobat Distiller, PowerPoint conversions require a more thorough approach. Many stand-alone PDF conversion utilities feature a PowerPoint converter, allowing you to create and forward compact documents that contain your presentation. Just as PDF files contain embedded fonts in order to guarantee universal accessibility, they can be configured to contain all aspects of a PowerPoint presentation. Audio, video, and images from the slide show are embedded in the PDF file during conversion, and are then accessed by links on the corresponding page. While PDF isn't intended to replace PowerPoint when it comes to making a presentation in front of an audience, it does offer the perfect means to distribute the same presentation for solo viewing.

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