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Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Microsoft PowerPoint is an application that enables users to create detailed, automated multimedia presentations using common MS Office files. PowerPoint can be used to compose a slide show consisting of text, graphics, photos, video, and audio. The various features of the slide show can be configured to run automatically or manually, though a custom interface.

PowerPoint presentations can be quite effective, yet the format is not accessible to the widest possible audience. While your initial PowerPoint presentation will most likely be run from your own computer, the data may prove to be off-limits to anyone who tries to access it later. This is because access to PowerPoint files is limited by the user's software and platform. The best way to guarantee the file's future accessibility is to create a PDF version of your completed PowerPoint presentation.

Suppose you create a multimedia PowerPoint slide show as part of a business proposal. After your initial presentation, your audience will most likely be individuals who want to review the material on their own. If you forward a PowerPoint slide show to someone, they will not be able to view it without the required software. If you're hoping to reach as the broadest audience, cross-platform compatibility should be a primary concern.

Converting PowerPoint to PDF

PowerPoint to PDF conversion utilities allow you to transfer the content of a multimedia slide show into Portable Document Format, enabling it to be accessed by any computer platform. The multimedia aspects of PowerPoint slide shows, such as audio and video data, are oftentimes only linked to the presentation. This means the files exist somewhere else, either online or on the computer, and are accessed when the corresponding slide is presented. PDF files are self-contained, meaning they possess all components of a document, allowing them to be viewed without alteration on any computer. If you want people to access your presentation on their own computers, you can guarantee the compatibility by converting it to PDF.

While PDF conversion of other file types may be a relatively straightforward procedure, the multimedia capabilities of PowerPoint files necessitate a more involved process. The newest types of PowerPoint to PDF software are able to embed all audio and video components of a slide show into a PDF file, which frees the format from the limitations of PowerPoint, which often accesses those components from other locations. Recent software can also create manual and invisible links in PDF documents that can trigger the multimedia files. The ability of PDF to effectively contain, present, and transmit such a variety of data, combined with its cross-platform accessibility, makes it a great vehicle for distributing your ideas.

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