Solidworks 2004

Written by Sierra Rein
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For 3D grafting experts, SolidWorks 2004 was one of the most anticipated and exciting new ventures in mechanical design software. In it's unveiling, it revealed 250 enhancements (most based on customer requests) that allowed it to perform 15 times faster than other similarly created software programs. Both designers and engineers could now create more attractive, clearer, and more customizable products.

This speed and innovation resulted in faster processing of data, and new ways to easily produce CAD files. There is something for everyone, from machine designers to engineers of consumer products. This can mean one software purchase for an entire company.

SolidWorks 2004 Pays for Itself

After using SolidWorks, a company will no doubt see a rise in communication and increased productivity levels. It will become easier to send designs to others, using a SolidWorks PDF file that can quickly be emailed and viewed on every modern computer.

Converting your SolidWorks 2004 projects from the CAD to PDF formats does not have to take too long, either. An integrated conversion plug-in can do the job for you in seconds, and provide you with easy to read, and easy to transfer files. With this new technology at your beck and call, watch your business grow.

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