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Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) refers to a type of raster image file used in high-resolution computer graphics. The format is owned by Adobe Systems, which also owns the Portable Document Format (PDF) format. TIFF files are typically used to create high-resolution graphics in image manipulation utilities, such as Adobe Photoshop. With a 32-bit color depth, TIFF files are capable of displaying crisp, detailed images. This makes TIFF files perfect for storing the data collected from scanned documents.

TIFF is also the favored output format for AutoCAD users who want to integrate their DWG images into an existing document. AutoCAD is a specialized imaging program used in drafting and design. Although it is considered among the best applications in its field, it is not a program commonly found on most computers. However, AutoCAD DWG images can only be properly rendered by that program, preventing their appearance on most systems.

Why Convert TIFF to PDF?

Unlike TIFF, PDF files are "resolution independent," meaning the quality of their appearance does not change with resolution. This doesn't mean that a high-quality image in a PDF file will look exactly the same on a system with poor graphics and display capabilities. Rather, it means that a PDF file will retain the same appearance on a system, without being affected by any resolution changes on that same system. Bitmap and vector graphics, on the other hand, can often be reinterpreted by a system.

AutoCAD can export its images to TIFF, which is the first step in making them universally accessible. However, if you want to preserve the high image quality of a DWG file without subjecting it to the limitations of vector graphics files, you can convert the TIFF to PDF. When the data in a TIFF file is converted to PDF, not only does it become resolution-independent, but it can also be incorporated into larger PDF presentations. This enables you to include AutoCAD-quality graphics when compiling a PDF document from several converted files.

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