Word Document Converter

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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File conversion software, easily purchased and downloaded online, is one of the most popular utilities for converting Microsoft Word documents into PDF files. Upon installation, Distiller is integrated into your system and can be accessed from any program that can access your printer. The utility installs a virtual PDF print driver, which enables your existing applications to create PDF documents instantly.

A Word document converter that uses a virtual printer creates a small PDF converter on your computer, which your system interprets as a printer and adds to your printers in the Control Panel. The utility is then integrated into Microsoft Word. You can activate the converter after you choose to print your Word document from the "File" menu. When your print options dialog appears, you will be able to select between your actual printer and the virtual PDF printer. This option will also be available in other applications, including Excel, Internet Explorer, and most other programs that can print files.

Creating PDF Files with a Word Document Converter

When you choose to print your Word file with the virtual PDF printer, the "printing" takes place in name only. No hard copy of your file is produced. Instead, the virtual driver prints the Word document to your hard drive as a PDF file. The utility creates an image of your Word document, which it then applies to a PDF, preserving the appearance of your document as a PDF file.

When your Word document is converted to PDF, all its individual components are fused into a self-contained file. Some aspects of Word files are dependent on the user's computer or software, such as the font, alignment, and layout. This means that a Word document may appear differently to two different users, depending on their software and settings. Variables such as font size and text alignment are fused to PDF files, allowing them to be viewed on any system without alteration. Converting your Word files to PDF is a great way to provide easily accessible, universally distributable documents without having to worry about any compatibility issues.

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