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Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Microsoft Word creates documents in a variety of formats, all of which are in some way accessible by Windows. However, the array of formats, ranging from basic TXT text files to Rich Text Format and on up to the latest version of Word document DOC format, can make it difficult for some users to access documents created in Word, even when using a Windows operating system. The abundance of file types, along with the frequency of software updates necessitates a large assortment of file converters in order to open files across different versions of Windows or Microsoft Office. Users might also experience difficulty transferring word processing documents from one program to another on the same platform, depending on the details of their initial software installation.

When Microsoft Word is first installed, you are provide with installation options. An express installation installs the program, as well as the most commonly used plug-ins, attachments, and components. A custom installation allows you to pick which additional components you would like to install. Many of the components that are neglected during the express installation are the file converters used by Word to translate documents to and from various Windows-related formats. While the express process only enables Word to convert between a few of the most popular text-based formats, the remaining converters are only installed the first time they're needed, which requires the installation disc. If you're distributing important documents, you probably don't want to risk being overlooked by recipients too busy to install additional converters every time they need to view one of your files. In addition, you'll also want a way to make sure that non-Windows users will be able to access your document as well. Fortunately, this problem can be remedied with a Word to PDF converter.

Using a Word to PDF Converter

The Portable Document Format (PDF) was originally created by Adobe Systems as a means to exchange files between computers, regardless of the operating system. PDF files, which can be viewed on any computer equipped with a freeware PDF viewer application, enable you to distribute universal cross-platform documents, easily accessed by any recipient. In addition, the format is largely unalterable without the use of the expensive Adobe Acrobat software, allowing you to be certain that your data will be viewed as it was intended, without any changes due to the recipient's browser, resolution, or software. By converting a Word file to PDF, you can be sure of its accessibility and integrity in any situation.

There are a number of methods for converting Word documents into PDF files. Conversion of basic text or image-based Word files can be processed through a virtual print driver, such as a stand-alone PDF conversion utility. Conversion utilities can create a visual impression of the Word file, and then transfer it to PDF by embedding all of the document's components into the file. After the document is created, it can be viewed intact on a computer.

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