Asset Management Companies

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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While it is true that some asset management companies are largely consulting companies, and don't provide businesses with their own tools for asset management, this isn't always true. Many companies provide training services to client companies, as well as options for consultation services and even asset management software. By training managers and asset users in effective physical asset management and modern maintenance procedures, some asset management companies can help businesses lower costs, and insure that assets perform for the duration of their operational life.

The training programs of some asset management companies may consist of a few distinct training stages. A short orientation, for everyone who needs an introduction to the principles of modern management, is often followed by a development program for a more specialized audience. In the case of RCM propagation companies, that development course is aimed at facilitators and physical asset managers.

Asset Management Companies that Use RCM

Some disciplines of RCM stress communication between the users of the assets and the asset management, and allow for asset users to be instrumental in developing a maintenance plan. Since RCM is as much a way of thinking and organizing as a technical process, there are also seminar-like classes for senior executives and other decision makers who may affect or be affected by RCM policies, albeit indirectly. By doing this, training and asset management companies insure that RCM procedures reach all aspects of the business, just as the effects of asset failure would.

The software provided by RCM propagation companies is organizational software that allows for the creation of in-depth maintenance databases. In these databases, the possible causes, failure modes, and consequences of failures can be easily identified, and a comprehensive maintenance plan can be designed. The software also provides templates for RCFA and FMEA-style reports that aid in criticality analysis.

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