Rcm Consulting

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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To aid businesses in applying RCM concepts to their maintenance programs, some maintenance specialization companies offer RCM consulting services. Others offer training or software designed to help physical asset managers develop RCFA and FMEA reports. Some RCM propagation companies may even offer some kind of combination, such as a period of training that is followed by a short period of RCM consulting.

Most RCM consulting takes two forms. Project support allows for close interaction between the consultant and the asset managers. By working together to design maintenance strategies and a failure management program, the manager and consultant teams can maximize return with a minimum of resources allocated to maintenance.

Technical support is a lighter kind of support than project support. A technical support consultant aids development teams to insure that RCM practices are followed correctly and that goals are met. Many times, it is technical RCM consulting that is included in RCM training programs.

The RCM Consulting Process

RCM consultants follow a process that loosely conforms to 4 distinct steps. First, they work with asset managers to evaluate the desired functions of their assets, and to identify every potential failure mode. Next, consultants aid managers in discovering the root causes of the failure modes, and, by using an FMEA-based system, also work to discover the possible consequences of each failure mode. Finally, RCM consultants will help managers to develop comprehensive maintenance strategies to reduce the occurrence of those consequences, or avoid them altogether.

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