Rcm Training

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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There are many companies that are dedicated to spreading modern maintenance techniques, offering services such as FMEA consultation and RCM training. Some of these companies have been evolving along with RCM technology since the mid-1970s, following changes in thought and helping to catalyze a general shift in attitude towards Reliability Centered Maintenance. RCM training is available to provide physical asset management teams with the resources that they need to assess and develop proper RCM-based practices.

RCM can be a difficult subject to master. Even with training, implementing RCM techniques and integrating them with existing failure management structures may require a period of acclimation. For these reasons, RCM training is usually a relatively extensive process.

The Structure of Some RCM Training Programs

Some training companies' courses consist of multi-step processes that are designed to educate asset management at many different levels. The core of many training programs is a facilitator development program where formal training for managers may be combined with on-site tutelage for management, users, and other involved parties. Some companies also offer senior executive orientation seminars that are designed to acclimate executives to RCM thought processes and strategy development.

Some RCM propagation companies offer RCM consulting as well as training. RCM consulting services are available in various levels of involvement, from light technical support to more comprehensive full project support. Some RCM training courses include consultation services as well.

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