World Class Maintenance

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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As businesses grow and modern physical assets become more and more complex, it is increasingly apparent that world class maintenance strategies must modernize as well. Young ideas in maintenance management, such as RCM practices, continue to grow and change, helping businesses stay current, keep costs reasonable, and make the most of their physical assets. World class maintenance strategies are increasingly focusing on maintaining the function of assets, not just the assets themselves.

With the increasing complexity of systems comes the increasing inter-dependence of assets. This means that certain failed states can affect many aspects of business, not just machine repair costs and output. Product quality, customer service, and environmental integrity can all be compromised by some kinds of asset failure.

General maintenance costs are also rising. In order to meet changing environmental and safety standards, equipment is quickly modernizing, requiring big new ideas and world class maintenance practices. To make modern equipment cost effective, the equipment must be able to provide the greatest return on it's own cost, which means efficiency and reliability for as long as possible.

New Ideas in World Class Maintenance

Because so much rides on the functionality of assets, new ideas such as RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance) focus on maintaining that functionality. By reducing or avoiding disruptions to systems of assets, RCM management is able to minimize the consequences of failed states. In the event of a failed state, asset users are able to determine the optimal strategy for dealing with the consequences of the failure and keep production running smoothly.

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