Database Administration Tools

Written by Genevieve Hawkins
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There are many different programs that allow for features of your database to be used most effectively. To begin, it is best to determine what type of gains you are looking for. The functions have become more complex with time, and many times specifics are necessary to make any sense. Furthermore, the security and reliability of the information within your database is essential for the survival of your business.

Features of Database Administrators

Whether your database administrator is Oracle, Microsoft, SQL, or DB2, there are many features that are designed to make it user-friendly and easy for everyone involved. Design processes such as working within a networking relational component make it easier to understand the information and to compare changes. In addition to this, data integrity can be assured by allowing information to pass freely between different servers and systems, making the translation automatic.

There are many security features of database administrators that are equally important. All programs allow for having only specific users enter the site, or for only certain people to see certain information. Some databases are created to allow only the results of inquiries, but no direct access to the site. Most sites are encrypted in some way, only allowing people in with a password or confirmation. All are created to protect against viruses and other potentially harmful problems.

What program you want to use is up to you and should be influenced by the nature of the information involved. However, all contain several tools that will make the task of working within them much easier. At this point in the evolution of database administrators, many of the kinks have thankfully been worked out of the system.

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