Database Design Tutorials

Written by Jill Morrison
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Database design tutorials can help individuals to learn about database management systems and how to use them. These tutorials can be found in books, seminars, or on websites, depending on which approach is considered to be the most desirable. Companies can also be hired to help with installing and using database management systems. Databases are generally considered to be the most efficient way for businesses to store and manage valuable sets of information.

Learning about Database Design

Database design tutorials will often refer to Edgar Frank Codd's 12 Rules for Relational Databases. E.F. Codd wrote numerous articles about relational databases in the 1970s and 1980s. His 12 Rules for Relational Databases were printed in two articles and eventually in his book, The Relational Model for Database Management. Codd's primary rule stated that all information in databases should be represented in only one way--as values in a table.

Database design is all about storing and managing information in tables. Various programs are available to achieve this goal. Databases are known as the most efficient and beneficial of all data management systems in business. They provide users with numerous benefits that text documents, paper storage files, and spreadsheets cannot offer. In addition to storing data, databases can help with data organization, retrieval, manipulation, cross-referencing, and performance of complex calculations.

Since many different database systems exist, finding the most beneficial system can take some time. Tutorials may help individuals to understand the features of different database management systems and to decide on the most beneficial systems for their situations. Some websites that sell database programs allow individuals to personally test their programs. After the appropriate system has been chosen, the database design process may begin.

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