Oracle Database Consultants

Written by Kimberly Clark
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With each release of Oracle, it becomes a more powerful and sophisticated tool for data storage and manipulation. As a result, many in-house Oracle database administrators (DBAs) are finding that their systems are becoming more and more difficult to maintain. Thus, in an effort to stay on top of the systems they are responsible for, many DBAs are turning to Oracle database consultants for assistance.

The consultants work with the onsite DBAs to assist them in performing their daily tasks and in troubleshooting any system performance problems they might encounter. Traditionally, consultants were hired to visit the site and to physically assess the database, applications, hardware and any other associated systems. However, several Oracle database consultants are now providing round the clock remote support to their clients.

Remote Consultancy

The remote Oracle database consultants are generally available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Services are typically performed via the Internet, but telephone support is supplied as needed--providing a significant cost savings to their clients. Consultants use the online services to monitor systems remotely.

Database design, development, maintenance and tuning are some of the more popular offerings provided by remote consultants. DBAs can also use the online services provided by remote Oracle database consultants to download products, patches and upgrades. Other services offered include technical support and training.

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