Oracle Database Tools

Written by Kimberly Clark
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The purpose of any Oracle database tools is to make the job of being a database administrator (DBA) as easy as possible. The available products are aimed towards simplifying everyday tasks like database monitoring and tuning. The simpler their workload the more productive a DBA is apt to be.

Bundled Products

As Oracle DBAs have increasingly come to rely on these tools to perform their daily tasks, the developers of the products have started bundling several different tools into one offering. Each tool is composed of a separate unit with its own functionality and is generally referred to as a module. Typically the modules can be used in conjunction with one another or as separate stand alone products.

Many of the Oracle database tools have a user interface that automates the most common tasks associated with database maintenance. Popular modules include tools for DBAs to manage the performance of their Oracle databases. In addition the tools provide them with the ability to store and retrieve data.

Most of the software companies offering the bundled Oracle database tools provide a substantial discount for purchasing the consolidated product over purchasing the pieces individually. Some examples of these consolidated products include DBFlash for Oracle and Quest Central for Oracle. Of course, the DBA always has the option of picking and choosing the parts of the product he or she wants to purchase and ultimately use.

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