Oracle Dba

Written by Kimberly Clark
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On a typical day, an Oracle database administrator (DBA) will face various taxing challenges. These difficulties stem primarily from the increasing complexity and ever changing environment of the Oracle database. As a result the Oracle DBA has several duties and responsibilities.

DBA Duties

Ultimately the Oracle DBA is responsible for the overall design and performance of the Oracle database. However, some of the specific tasks that the DBA must contend with are continual database tuning, creation of new database objects, installation of new Oracle instances, and migration of the system to new platforms. In addition, the DBA is required to provide technical support to the database users and is also expected to troubleshoot any problems the user encounters.

Database backup and recovery are other issues that should be high on the Oracle DBA's to do list. In addition, the DBA will want to examine how other systems impact the performance of the database. The DBA will also want to develop a plan for expanding its database for added future capacity.

Before the application goes into production, the Oracle DBA is generally the one that will establish development standards for designing and coding the application. The DBA will also need to setup various user security and permissions levels. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the DBA to evaluate new product releases to determine if their database requires any software, hardware, or operating system upgrades.

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