Oracle Dba Services

Written by Kimberly Clark
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Oracle database administrators have a lot of responsibilities that they have to attend to. All in an effort to ensure that their systems are operable. Thus to assist the database administrator (DBA) in his or her endeavors, several companies are now offering specialized Oracle DBA services that complement the work done by the onsite DBA.

A Helping Hand

The services provided by the majority of these companies involve some sort of assistance in maintaining the site's preexisting system. Some of the tasks that might be performed to accomplish this goal include monitoring the database, data backup and restoration, space allocation, and installation of Oracle patches. On the other hand, there are providers that focus primarily on conducting new user training and system evaluations.

The evaluations conducted by Oracle DBA services address issues like security, performance, and storage tactics. At the conclusion of the project, one of the key deliverables is usually a detailed assessment report of the current system's performance. In addition, a set of recommendations for enhancements that should be made to achieve optimal performance is also commonly presented to the site.

Although, there are companies out there that you can outsource your database administration to. It is important to mention that most of the Oracle DBA service providers are not seeking to become substitutes for the in-house DBAs. Instead they are looking to provide an additional helping hand to the support staff already in place.

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