Oracle Oem

Written by Kimberly Clark
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The Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) is an all inclusive database management solution provided by Oracle to database administrators. An enterprise solution encompasses the entire spectrum of the database application. Plus, it entails a detailed assessment of all the hardware, operating systems, and software that makes up the system.

OEM Components

In a nutshell, the purpose of the Oracle OEM is to provide the database administrator (DBA) with tools to automate their most common task. The capabilities of the tool range from monitoring the database to scheduling and executing job events. The OEM tool is comprised of the following components: a management server, a console and a intelligent agent

The Oracle Management Server (OMS) is a tool designed specifically for managing multiple database systems from a single point. When the DBA logs into OMS, he or she will have his or her own repository for storing information. Thus, if the DBA creates objects while logged onto the OMS, the objects will not be visible to other users of the system.

The Oracle console is a graphical interface from which the DBA can schedule jobs and events. The console basically provides the administrator with a visual method of tracking the status of their executed jobs. In addition, it supplies the DBA with an effective way to monitor the overall performance of the database.

The console can be used to schedule typical jobs like running SQL scripts or exporting or importing data. It can also be used to schedule jobs tailor made for the project. However, the part of the enterprise that actually executes the jobs scheduled in the console is the Oracle Intelligent Agent (OIA).

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