Oracle Performance Tools

Written by Kimberly Clark
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There are several third party Oracle performance tools on the market to assist the database administrator (DBA) in measuring and then optimizing the performance of their database. These tools basically automate the entire process. This can save the DBA significant amounts of time, by reducing the need to search for syntax errors or research troubleshooting methods.

As the competition in this market increases, the tools provided by third-party vendors will become more and more user friendly. Most of the tools provide a graphical user interface that makes it easy for the DBA to constantly check on the status of the database. Some Oracle performance tools even provide the DBA with the ability to track their databases via a web browser.

Examples of Tools

DB Tools for Oracle, developed and distributed by SoftTree Technologies, is an example of an Oracle performance tool. The product comes equipped with a SQL Editor and debugger that highlights syntax errors. This is quite handy, since 80% of all performance problems can be attributed to poorly constructed SQL statements.

Another example of an Oracle performance tool is DB Flash by Confio Software. This software product tracks the progress of each SQL statement that executes in the application and generates a report listing the most-time consuming ones. The DBA can then focus his or her tuning efforts on the most troublesome areas.

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