Oracle Tools

Written by Kimberly Clark
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To help them quickly build well-organized and efficient Oracle databases, developers can take advantage of the numerous Oracle development tools out there. No matter which platform or operating system the developers are using, they can probably find an Oracle tool to assist them in their efforts. In fact, the Oracle 10g developer suite provides the developer with a host of utilities for building and troubleshooting databases.

Developer Tools

Oracle Designer 10g contains a complete set of tools for modeling and building database applications. In addition, the tools can be used to efficiently redesign older databases. Plus the developer can use the product to generate completely web-enabled applications.

The Oracle Software Configuration Manager (SCM) tool basically provides a central repository for data storage that can be accessed by other applications in a file manager type manner. The SCM tool can be used to store all types of data objects, while still maintaining their relationships and dependencies on other objects. This information is then accessible throughout the entire application development phase by other applications, such as word processors and text editors.

Finally, the developer can take advantage of the Oracle Reports Developer tool. This tool allows the developer to publish any type of information from their database application, from any point within the database. The information can be published in a paper format or in the increasingly popular web format.

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