Remote Database Administration

Written by Genevieve Hawkins
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As businesses have turned their attentions increasingly to online mediums, it is no surprise that many companies have also desired that their databases follow suit. Remote database administration involves information that does not have an offline basis, and that can be viewed and taken anywhere online. Although the coding can be complex, the usage is becoming more simple for everyone.

The Increases of the Dotcom Era

During the 1990s, as businesses and consumers felt drawn to the idea of putting their wares online, it become necessary for there to be a standard default host. Originally, CGI-Bin models were used to administer information, but as time progressed, COM (Component Object Model) become the most commonly used host. Other programs, including NET and JZEE are also in usage.

In order to conduct a remote database administration, there must be a channel between a server and a client to send commands and receive results. Furthermore, there must also be a tier between the server and the database, in order to retrieve information. Usually, a client asks the server a question or query, and the server comes back with results, which can then be used and carried elsewhere online. Although the initial database is not copied, the new information may be a composite therein.

There are ways of making a remote database work; although it was once simple, the language is difficult for many people to understand. In order to build a website, you may be able to do it yourself, or acquire the assistance of an experienced professional. Regardless, it is a good step towards improving your business.

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