Erp Software

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Database maintenance and information flow has become an integral aspect of modern business, which is why ERP software is an ever growing product. ERP stands for enterprise resource planning. Ideally, ERP software ensures the integrity of company databases and brings clients and service providers together as partners.

ERP is the wave of the future. It uses stored information to create in-depth analyses, develop long-term planning, and improve overall efficiency. One vital rule in using ERP is that important information must be password protected. Allowing an unauthorized user to manipulate data can cause serious harm to a business.

ERP Software And Its Functions

ERP is used primarily for human resources, manufacturing, financial services, and distribution. Using ERP software for human resources means less work is required of HR employees. Rather than relying on HR personnel for information, employees can log onto company web sites, enter their passwords, and view private information, such as 401K plans, pay stubs, vacation time, and health plan benefits. Many companies even use ERP for employee reviews, merit increases, career planning, and corporate training.

Another use of ERP is customer service. Many clients want to view the status of their products in real-time. When using an ERP system, customers can check job status information on the Web. Automated processes result in instant communication between manufacturing plants and databases viewable by clients.

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