Labor Tracking Software

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Companies have many options for labor tracking software. Some software enables supervisors to view their direct reports' punch times, attendance, and remaining vacation time on password-protected web sites. Less costly options require company leaders to maintain accurate paper records. While better technology costs more, most large companies have found that paying several thousand dollars for labor software actually saves money.

One of the advantages of using modern labor tracking software is its multi-functionality. The best programs enable managers to create several reports with the click of the mouse. For example, at my company, managers enter their employees' work schedules into the system. Whenever an employee swipes in late, that tardiness is documented and stored electronically. Even if the manager is in a meeting and does not realize the employee has arrived late, it still counts against the employees' record. Of course, in the event of an excused lateness, the manager can manually tell the system not to count the lateness as an offense. At any time, a manager can run a lateness and absentee report on any worker.

Benefits of Labor Tracking Software

By automating attendance records, corporate leaders have the ability to react accordingly and in a timely manner. Moreover, employees need not rely on managers to keep accurate records of accrued vacation and sick time. Anyone who has ever had a boss he or she believed was less than competent can appreciate this advantage of modern labor tracking software.

In addition, this real-time software gives supervisors more control over the amount of overtime that employees work. Anyone who has ever been in charge of monitoring employee overtime knows that some people constantly try to sneak overtime into their paychecks. Either swiping in 15 minutes early every morning or punching out 15 minutes late each evening is a nice four percent annual pay increase, since most overtime is paid as time and a half. When timecard swipes are posted in real-time, supervisors can resolve these issues before they become problems.

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