Backfile Scanning

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Backfile scanning can help reduce the continuous accumulation of documentation in your work environment. When an organization signs an agreement with a scanning service provider, the terms of the agreement are specified for one project. Scanning all of the documents in your warehouse is a tremendous step in the right direction, but what happens if you don't maintain that same conversion rate?

How to Avoid Backfile Scanning

Hiring a company to come in and perform one job simply won't do. Eventually you will find that the documentation has reproduced itself and the original problem still remains. Until our work atmospheres become independent of paper and copy machines, the production of hard copy information is inevitable. How can you avoid having to repeat a backfile scanning project?

Ask potential scanning companies about ongoing service agreements. Any company can agree to complete a backfile scanning project in less than six months, but without continued service you'll find the backlog of paper repeat itself. Many dependable scanning services can offer you reasonable packages for ongoing support. Consider this option when signing a format agreement.

Ongoing Support

What if I want to scan my own documents after this project is finished? Some companies will even lend you the technology and equipment to scan your own documents. If you feel this option would more aptly suit your needs and budget, consider presenting this to prospective vendors.

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