Data Conversion

Written by Abby Luttrell
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How fast is data conversion at an average-sized company when the company converts to a document imaging system? A reputable digital imaging company should lead you through every step of the process, and it should take from two to four weeks, depending on your volume of documents. There is no new computer system to be installed, and no comprehensive training on the software, since it is basically an easy-to-operate Windows format.

The Process of Data Conversion

Document imaging companies will assess your individual needs. If you choose off-site document scanning, the data conversion should be much faster, depending on the volume of your documents. If you choose an inhouse system, the new software will be installed with extra hardware. Your employees and managers will receive on-site training and support.

Your new document imaging system will organize documents in easy categories of cabinets, drawers, files and folders. Each drawer is a separate database holding up to four billion documents. The only limit is the storage capacity of your computer system. You may need to add a hard drive if you have a large volume of documents.

You should be able to store any document from any original system, and pull up and edit any document. There are no limitations on the shape and size of the original document. If your business has vital information in the form of graphics, color photos or slides, imaging systems can handle that too.

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