Digital Document Management

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Digital document management solutions are a safer way to protect your documentation. A common misconception about storing information on the web or locally on your PC is the potential for hackers to gain access to your information. With confidential data in the wrong hands, your company could be at a great risk for confidentiality breaches.

How Well Are You Protecting Your Paper?

Consider the security behind filing cabinets and off-site storage warehouses? How closely watched is an archive of documents in the basement of a storage facility? Digital document management provides greater security measures than any brick and mortar operation.

Digital document management solutions use only the most trusted technology such as HTTPS encryption and user authenticated passwords in order to securely protect your information. These precautionary steps ensure that information is only accessed by authorized users. Many management systems enable you to assign user privileges, allowing employees partial access to only the information required in their job responsibility.

Secure, Digital Document Management

When searching for a document management solution it is imperative you discuss the depth of security available. Additionally, the more flexible solutions will always offer customized settings such as number of users, passwords and privileges. The ability to design your own solution using proven technology is the greatest benefit to electronic storage.

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