Digital Imaging Services

Written by Abby Luttrell
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What kind of hands-on help can you expect from digital imaging services? A recommended document imaging company should be your guide for the complete transformation of your office, from the inception of the program. Then, digital imaging services should provide you with constant consultation and upgrading to keep your system running properly and at peak capacity.

With a reputable, recommended document imaging system, no new computers or modules will have to be purchased. Your existing computer system will not change in any way, and you will not need any third party software. Document imaging management is done through the installation of imaging software.

Digital Imaging Services Software Installation

This software should be easily installed in your present computer system and has a familiar Windows compatible format. If you have chosen to outsource your documents to a system manager, your relationship will be ongoing. If your digital imaging system is set up in-house, your employees may be able to receive on-site training in the new software.

Your document imaging company should also offer ongoing tech help on the phone, with no waiting. Your system should be customized for your own special needs. If you have a large company, your imaging system may need a second hard drive. You will need an adequate backup system. With your digital document storage system, you will have a scanner with an automatic document feeder which will scan up to 20 pages per minute. Your digital imaging service should recommend a scanner based on your volume of documents and daily document scanning needs.

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