Digital Imaging System

Written by Abby Luttrell
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A digital imaging system can have the power to completely change your employees' work habits. You will find yourself revising deadlines as tasks suddenly become much faster, and some tasks are completely unnecessary. Meetings, conferences and discussions about reports or agendas may become truncated or a thing of the past as your digital imaging system takes you light-years past simple email.

Advantages of a Digital Imaging System

Here's some of the ways a document imaging system allows you to handle tasks with such speed. You can create user-defined index fields to create your own document profiles. Within these groups, you can sort and group documents. You can add summary fields for sum, count, minimum, maximum, and more.

As you become familiar with setting up your document files according to your needs, you will find that tasks are much easier and faster. The same documents can be viewed by many people at once. Groups can look over the same file simultaneously, and view your highlighted notes or annotations as you input them.

You can find, retrieve and share documents at a moment's notice. There are auto indexing features to automatically populate index fields. Thus you can create a category, automatically put in all salient material, and your staff can view it--instantly. Document imaging is a new way of thinking, and it's going to revolutionize the way we work.

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