Document Archiving

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Document archiving can take accessibility one step further. If you've made the decision to convert your paper files on to CD, half the battle is over. Instead of thousands of pages of paper you're now left with a hundred disks containing decade's worth of information. How do you retrieve data from these disks?

Retrieving Electronic Files
An easier way to ensure convenient document retrieval is through the process of document archiving, or indexing of documents. While transferring paper files to digital documents does eliminate half the burden, locating certain files down the road may still prove difficult. By archiving these records, retrieval times will decrease significantly.

What Is Document Archiving?

Document archiving is a method of grouping certain documents together for simple retrieval. Most organizations have their own way of organizing files, whether it be by client name, date of service, etc. Establishing these archiving practices will help employees navigate through electronic or web-based repositories.

In addition to indexing, many electronic document storage providers offer search and sort capabilities. This allows authorized users the ability to run queries in search of certain documents. This functionality will greatly reduce retrieval time while drastically increasing productivity.

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