Document Imaging

Written by Abby Luttrell
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Document imaging is the solution for both a large office with a lot of files and correspondence, as well as a home office with average paperwork. Why? Because it makes any size office fantastically easy to operate.

Document Imaging--Office of the Future

Document imaging is truly the office of the future. Imagine an office with no filing cabinets. Imagine an office with no in and out boxes filled with paper. Imagine an office without the copier humming all day long.

And think of the cost savings! I'm talking about a virtual office, with all documentation stored on the computer, with company memos and correspondence a flick of the mouse away. Conceptually, this is a massive change from the traditional office.

If you're in business, working with a document imaging company can immediately cut your overhead by one third. How is that number projected? Simply because a "virtual" office runs with far fewer employees. It takes up less room, and requires no expensive document storage facility. It cuts shipping and postage costs in half for the average business that is not mail order.

Imaging Software Saves Time

Imaging software also cuts down on the time that your employees spend with paperwork. Instead of shuffling through piles of correspondence, claims or orders, a document imaging service puts all these on the computer for you. Thus there's no way for a document to get lost or misplaced.

Even medical claims can benefit from digital imaging. Claims with signatures, or notarized affidavits, are easily scanned. There are special color imaging services for documents with graphics, color photos or color data.

What it means, on a day to day business basis, is that document imaging reduces the workload for employees and managers. By taking all the paperwork out of the equation, all transactions are quicker. Information that needs to be shared is immediate; but also information that is restricted has no way of falling into the wrong hands.

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