Document Imaging

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Document imaging is a broad industry term used to describe the digital capture of documentation. If your business is looking to rid itself from costly storage providers and office clutter, document imaging can greatly improve office productivity. Whether you have 500,000 thousands pages of paper or 10 years of archived microfilm, a professional scanning service provider can help.

Confused About Document Scanning Services?

There are several disillusions that consumers have about document imaging companies. First, the stereotype assumes that an imaging company can only take paper and turn it in to large, cumbersome electronic files. This is simply not the case. From paper to x-rays and 35 mm negatives to cad drawings, a successful imaging company can bring you to a completely paperless environment.

The second point of confusion is the cost and time associated with the transition. Embarking on a large project such as the transition of three million pages of paper to an electronic document storage system tends to bring out common fears among businessmen. Cost, turnaround time and service support are the three biggest hesitations for decision makers.

The Cost of Document Imaging Vs. Off-Site Storage

Currently you may be paying an off-site storage vendor one cent per page, per month of storage. One penny may seem like a bargain, but consider the bigger picture. With nearly five million pages in storage your monthly expenses total $50,000. What if you could eliminate that recurring charge with a one-time investment?

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