Document Imaging Management

Written by Abby Luttrell
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If you aren't familiar with the new kind of document imaging management possible with document imaging software, here are some possibilities that you can envision in your office. First, since all your documents and files will now be on the computer, and not physically shuttling around from department to department, access will be much faster. Different people can access the same file at the same time. Wow, think how that will ease the stress!

How Your Office Can Change with Document Imaging Management

Secondly, work can flow between departments with the click of a mouse. The same file can be sent to many departments without the time consuming and expensive process of copying the files or copying vital information. Your desk won't be a sea of paper! Work assignments can be assigned more effectively, and their progress can be tracked easily by management.

Thirdly, vital information can be routinely shared between customers and suppliers. Work orders and specs will be there for all to see, with no mistakes made. You can email, fax or print any document directly from your digital imaging software to a client.

Document imaging management also allows you to handle audits, SEC requirements, payroll data or HIPAA compliance with ease. The documents are all there, completely organized and waiting simply for a click. No more combing through unwieldy files full of paper to find that one essential document! Document event logs will allow easy tracking of all documents, and will record such modifications as different versions, annotations and edits.

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