Document Imaging Services

Written by Abby Luttrell
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One key advantage of document imaging services is in the area of security. Since all your documents are now in your imaging system, you have complete protection from unauthorized access and alteration. Just as you can share documents with whomever you want, from other departments, to clients, to vendors, so also you can restrict access.

Security Features of Document Imaging Services

You can restrict access on a document by document basis, or you can put entire sections of your files off-limits. You can allow a certain number of people to see certain sensitive material, and you can change that short list at will. An author of a document can set security rights to that document, and decide who can see it, and what version they see.

Document imaging services provide multi-level security systems. They can be implemented in virtually any way that you can dream up, and changed whenever you like. Digital imaging software features a user-defined inactivity log-off period.

This log-off shut-down allows confidential data to be protected when users step away from their desk. Also, incoming data can be put directly on the software through batch scanning from an external data source. This means that confidential information or sensitive material no longer has to come in through the mail, fax or email. The sensitive material will go directly into your digital imaging system and be immediately restricted according to your own mandate.

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