Document Imaging System

Written by Abby Luttrell
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Your document imaging system will introduce changes to your old work habits that will increase the security and privacy of your business tremendously. The old way of doing business was dependent on pieces of paper that could be lost, misplaced, misfiled, or even stolen. The wrong employees, managers or even clients could have access to sensitive information.

Security Features of Your Document Imaging System

With document scanning, paper goes immediately onto the computer in storage files. These files are easy to set up, and will be logically organized in cabinets, drawers, folders and files for convenience. However, there will be other features which will govern accessibility to these files.

Documents won't be able to be viewed or edited outside the imaging software program. This prevents anyone from accidentally or maliciously deleting, altering or misplacing documents. Access is controlled through passwords.

Additionally, the author of a document can set security rights to that document. The author can decides who sees it, and even what version they are allowed to see. Document versions are tracked by author, date and time. Document imaging systems are proven to give the highest security possible of any office system.

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