Document Management

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Document management is a loosely used term in the technology industry. The need to document management spreads throughout all verticals. Healthcare, technology, education and government affairs all require processes and procedures in order to control the creation, use and collaboration of information.

Times Are Changing

Over the last decade, companies have veered toward electronic practices. We write and send email, collaborate electronically through internet sharing and instant messengers, and each of our files are now stored in meticulously labeled folders on our hard drives. But what happens when we need access to a document that is nearly ten years old?

Assuming your office functions in the same way most others do, you may find yourself on a long walk to the warehouse. Once there you walk up and down aisles of cardboard filing boxes covered in dust and often illegibly labeled. After 30 minutes you locate the right box, and while warding off a looming sneeze you uncover just the document you were looking for.

Sanity Through Document Management

Obviously there is room for improvement in these document management practices. In addition to wasting valuable time, employees experience frustration in dealing with miss-filed documents and hard-to-reach archives. By taking that archived information, digitally capturing the data, and storing the information electronically you could have eliminated 23 minutes of unnecessary work and aggravation.

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