Document Preparation

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Document preparation is perhaps the most time-consuming component in the transition to electronic document storage. It is often the reason many companies choose to utilize off-site storage services. Organizations want to rid themselves of paper but not at the expense of having to prepare the documents on their own.

Labor Intensive Document Preparation
Many scanning vendors will include document preparation in their service offering. This may involve pulling the documents, removing staples or paper clips and organizing the documents before the scanning occurs. While these tasks may not seem that burdensome, imagine a project where the volume of paper totals 1.2 million pages.

Estimated Project Timeline

Once document preparation is complete, the pages can be run quickly and efficiently through a digital scanner. With speeds of up to 25 pages per minute, the project can be completed within a reasonable amount of time, especially when multiple scanners and staff are involved. Depending on how quickly you need the project completed, a scanning service can provide you with a large staff or even schedule multiple shifts so that the documents are scanned and archived around the clock.

The more flexible you are on your project timeline, the most cost-efficient the transition will be. Hiring a scanning company to come in and transfer hundreds of thousands of pages within a two-week time frame will be a costly endeavor. Begin the project early and remember to maintain the scanning in a limited capacity after the project is complete. This will help keep the accumulation of paper documents to a minimum.

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