Document Scanning Services

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Document scanning services are an integral part in the migration between paper-laden practices and electronic workflow. Most companies today have implemented document scanning services into their everyday business procedures resulting in increased productivity while at the same time minimizing the administrative burden of shuffling paper. Has your company made the same efforts?

If so, you may have noticed some immediate benefits. A collaborative work environment, decreased office supply costs and less clutter have dramatically improved your efficiency. The eight hours you now spend hunched over your keyboard are helping your company maximize its potential.

The Burden of Accumulation

For an organization that has been around for more than 25 years, the accumulation of paper and subsequent storage space can become costly and disruptive. Filing cabinets are stacked wall to wall and storage closets are jammed with decade-old documentation, resulting in repeated visits by the local fire marshal. A professional shredding service could alleviate nearly all of your problems, but what if you need access to those documents?

How long do you need to hold on to your documents? For healthcare companies, the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act, insists that patients have a right to request a full disclosure of personal health information for a minimum of seven years. Consider how many pieces of paper are printed, photo copied, or filed over 2,555 days? Managing this vast amount of documentation becomes simple with the implementation of document scanning services.

What Can Document Scanning Services Do for You?

With document scanning services you can eliminate paper supply costs, off-site storage facility charges and office clutter. You can attain all this without ever discarding a document. Additionally, access to your documents is merely a click away.

How do document scanning services work? Only the most advanced scanning technology is used in the digital capture of paper documents. Many of these scanners perform in duplex mode, enabling scanning technicians to capture double-sided documents in seconds. At speeds of 25 pages per minute, no project is too cumbersome. Regardless of whether your project is 1,000 pages or 1,000,000 pages, rest assured you'll be paperless in no time.

Customized Solutions

The flexibility of document scanning services is designed to provide customized support to each individual. The confidentiality of your documents may require on-site staff to visit your facility and perform the scanning process there. For bulk projects, sending archived documents to a warehouse may provide a more efficient solution.

In the following pages you'll learn the possibilities and potential behind document scanning services. Setting your sights on a paper-free workplace is just one of the benefits you'll receive from this digital transformation. Combined, these advantages will play a significant role in the mobility, accessibility and productivity of your organization.

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