Engineering Drawing Scanning

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Engineering drawing scanning can help reduce the amount of storage needed in an architectural or engineering firm. We've already explained how a simple scanning method can capture black and white, eight inch pieces of paper. Now we'll discuss the conversion of other data formats.

What will Engineering Drawing Scanning Do for You?
Cad and engineering drawing scanning will not only minimize the storage space needed, but collaboration and document sharing will soar. Take for instance an architectural firm that has an East and West coast location. Two architects are working on the same project, one from each office. Without a method to share ideas and designs, how can these two people work together?

Working Together in 2004

Twenty years ago they couldn't. Not without a plane ticket anyway. Today, software programs and sharing technology enable the two designers to work together on ideas to yield a finished, collaborative result. Now imagine this capability in an everyday setting.

By implementing engineering drawing scanning of cad drawings and other architectural documentation, employees on opposite coasts can access and use information stored on one general database. Security is tight; user names and authenticated passwords are required for document access, protecting the integrity of your organization. High-powered, advanced scanning technology now has the capability of capturing all types of output including, four-color, three dimensional drawings and converting those images into comprehensive electronic files compatible on all computer platforms.

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