Legal Document Preparation

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Legal document preparation is a necessary and integral part to law practices. While this process isn't the most glamorous task, each case requires a significant amount of document preparation before the information can be used in a court of law. Given that most lawyers are working on multiple cases all at once, outsourcing document management has become a popular and cost-effective solution for many attorneys.

Steps Included in Legal Document Preparation
The components of legal document preparation contain tasks such as page or bate stamping, redaction, indexing and conversion to digital files. In many cases the attorney or judge will insist the documentation come in electronic form. This cuts down on expenses and the time it takes to find and retrieve certain parts of the data.

What is Bates Stamping?

Bates stamping is the process of marking each of the documents with an identifiable character. This practice is especially helpful when an attorney is presenting the court with thousands of pages of documentation. In an insurance dispute, each page may be marked with the last name of the plaintiff, a social security number or a case number.

By scanning each of the paper documents, location and retrieval is much more comprehensive. Finding a document from a specific date requires only a short query rather than hours of flipping through pages. Many document management companies offer specialized legal document preparation services. When searching for an organization to manage your document prep work, be sure they have prior legal experience.

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