Microfiche Scanners

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Microfiche scanners and conversion services are usually done in an off-site storage facility. If you are concerned about the security and confidentiality of your documentation, you may want to consider finding a vendor who travels to your property to perform the work. Additionally, you could purchase a microfiche or film scanner and use full-time staff to manage the conversion process.

Potential Risk with Microfilm and Fiche

As mentioned earlier, microfilm and microfiche were at one time the most cost-effective solution to storing and preserving important documentation. Though the lifespan of film and fiche can reach upwards of 500 years, the material is vulnerable to other types of damages. Storage conditions such as temperature and humidity can have a harmful effect on your films.

Another popular concern is the wear from repeated access. Films can weather from too much use. Since microfiche is supported by a back layer of cardboard, the potential damage from water and humid conditions is something to consider before deciding on a storage facility. It is also another reason to consider converting to digital files through the use of microfiche scanners.

Using Microfiche Scanners

To transition from microfiche to electronic files you need only access to microfiche scanners. Whether you choose to outsource this process to a third party vendor, or purchase a scanner for your own office, the results will be quantifiable. Not only will you gain a profitable return on your investment but you'll be able to put office space to better use.

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