Microfilm Readers

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Microfilm readers are a necessary investment if any of your documents have been transferred to microfilm or microfiche. When you outsource the task of transferring data on to microfilm be sure to ask your service provider about equipment rental. Even if you don't plan to access the information on a regular basis chances are a time will come when the documents will need to resurface.

Transitioning Away from Microfilm Readers

Microfilm readers are a bulky piece of equipment that can take up a substantial amount of room in your office. With the recent transition into digital documents, technology advancements are few and far between for microfilm technology. The focus now is on the digital capture of documentation.

While digital files are more accessible, vendors are still ironing out compatibility glitches. Microfilm and microfilm readers are created according to national standards, eliminating the possibility of illegible files. Even without a Microfiche reader, the films can still be read using a magnification device, further ensuring the availability of the document.

Long Lasting Films

Microfilm technology has been used for nearly 150 years and its durability is worth mentioning. Once documents have been transferred to microfilm or microfiche, the films have a life expectancy of 500 years. This is a tremendous advantage over frail paper documents.

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