Records Management

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Records management for many healthcare facilities is a burdensome chore. While some facilities choose to outsource this process to healthcare information technology providers, others don't have the financial support to delegate this work. If you need assistance with record management there are some affordable, effective solutions you may want to consider.

Medical Records Management
Since most medical record departments store patient health records for nearly ten years, chances are in-office storage is becoming a problem. If you've already succumbed to off-site storage vendors, then you undoubtedly realize the labor involved in retrieving a record from the storage facility. What if you could reduce the amount of paper clutter in the office without giving up convenient access to each medical record?

Eliminate Wasted Time

With electronic scanning and records management solutions you'll notice a tremendous improvement in productivity. Locating records at patient's request no longer requires an entire afternoon. Now you can search and sort through an online archive of medical records from the comfort of your personal computer.

The time previously spent uncovering missing records and re-filing documents is now replaced with high-powered scanning technology. You can digitally capture an image of the document and save it to your desktop in an easy-to-read format, compatible with all computer platforms. Records management providers can help you craft a customized and affordable solution to effectively reduce cost, frustration and productivity challenges.

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