Archiving Software

Written by Gregg Ruais
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One of the primary functions of archiving software is to ensure document integrity. This means that once documents enter archives, they must become immutable. Without this feature, databases full of corporate communications, financial records, and intellectual property have little value in court. After all, if documents could be altered, people could change any information that might hold them or their companies liable.

Immutable Email Archives Are Solid Evidence

In order to make archived information fully reputable, many companies outsource their database solutions. External companies create software programs that make it virtually impossible for any business to change archived documents. In order to destroy evidence, companies would have to wipe out entire databases full of valuable information. It might even be necessary to destroy hardware.

Email archiving software often captures and stores messages as soon as they are sent or received. The copies of email messages that employees keep on their PCs can be edited, and this changeability makes email content questionable. Moreover, if someone complains to HR about email harassment or objectionable content being distributed through company email, HR faces a serious problem if emails had been sent more than 30 days prior to the complaint. After 30 days, many companies purge their email databases.

A reliable and searchable archive of emails makes an HR manager's job much simpler. In order to verify complaints, all they must do is search for messages that had been sent from the accused to complainant. If the emails verify the accuser's story, then swift action can be taken. Conversely, these databases easily debunk false accusations.

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