Business Email Solutions

Written by Gregg Ruais
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The predominant problems associated with company email include loss of worker productivity, the accidental or intentional sharing of confidential information, and obscene material being distributed throughout the company via email. Without changing the way they archive and organize emails, most companies would have to expend so much energy and resources to solve these problems that they might be better off just leaving them alone. However, there are cost-effective software solutions that can eradicate these potential problems.

Benefits of Email Management Software

The right software will produce overall reports for senior management, who will know what percentage of all emails contain image files, include certain words, and do not contain any business-related content. When executives first see the results, they often cannot believe their eyes. In fact, most emails sent from corporate servers have nothing to do with work. By knowing the truth about their employees' emailing habits, business leaders can set policies accordingly and compose plans to reduce the time people spend on personal emails.

The best software programs also produce statistics designed to help middle management enforce email policies. These reports detail activity down to the level of individual employees. Without doing any investigative work whatsoever, managers will know who frequently sends email to domains outside the company directory and which people are sending joke emails. Most people will stop misusing company email after one warning. After all, the people who break policies are either unaware of the rules or do not know they are being watched.

Software programs do make it possible for authorized users to scan archives for certain keywords, retrieve specific messages, and request certain information. However, the best feature of these programs is the automation. Managers automatically receive detailed reports daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on how often they want to review their workers' email habits.

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