Email Analysis

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Smart businesspeople like to have facts in front of them before they make decisions. Nobody wants to spend thousands of dollars on an email reporting and tracing solution if he doesn't know the benefits. Unfortunately, Microsoft and Lotus email servers will not provide detailed reports on how many non-work-related emails people send each day.

Without the right email analysis software, it would take many months of tedious research to compile accurate statistics on email usage. Moreover, IT departments would have to hire additional staff to make sense of the thousands of emails sent each day. Email analysis software quickly compiles and organizes information on email usage so that executives can clearly see the problems that exist within their companies.

Email Analysis and Return on Investment

A major aspect of the analysis is determining how much bandwidth space email attachments occupy and how frequently employees send and receive emails with inappropriate files attached. These statistics help determine fitting corrective actions. If email abuse is widespread, as it is at the vast majority of companies, then strict, enforceable policies on message attachments can save businesses considerable amounts of money.

Without definitive analyses, company leaders have no idea what type of return on investment they will get from email management software. In most cases, initial reports reveal that there is considerable room for improvement in the area of email efficiency. Some software providers offer free trials of their products, because initial reports often convince companies to buy email management solutions.

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