Email And Forensics

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Only the premier software programs can run forensics checks on email texts and attachments. Basic email reporting software captures sender and receiver data, subject lines, and compiles statistics based on this information per employee. However, for the highest level of security, businesses need the ability to dig deeper.

Whenever the system can be manipulated, people will eventually figure out how to do it. This isn't to say that basic software programs will not improve email efficiency or reduce the number of high risk messages being sent to and from company servers. However, organizations that need high-level security will find forensic-checking software to be invaluable, because these programs are nearly unbeatable.

High-Level Email Forensics

The majority of people include relevant subject lines in their emails. When someone skims their messages for important topics, they usually read only the subject lines. When using Outlook, some people choose to preview their messages in order to read the first few sentences. A person who plans on relaying confidential information, whether it's an insider stock tip or top-secret government intelligence, might try to elude discovery by placing an irrelevant subject line or masking the first few sentences.

The most sophisticated email monitoring systems, however, will delve into the texts of those messages. Software can even read file attachments. A person trying to beat the system might name a file attachment generically, such as Weekly Report. An advanced email monitoring program will read the entire text for keywords that will classify the contents as high risk.

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